Monday, June 12, 2017

1967 Bonus #30

How cool is this?!?!?

We heard from our long-time FH Buddy Gary Stobl, who sent us some GREAT Henry Diltz shots to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Monkees' appearance at The Hollywood Bowl!  

Hello Kent, 
Here is your ticket to the Hollywood Bowl! 

I hope you enjoy the show! 

Here is everything I could find from that magical evening from the Henry Diltz archives … and here is the link to access all of his photos …  

I hope they trigger some wonderful memories.

Huge hugs to you! 
Love, Peace & Happy Days Ahead,
These are awesome ... some AMAZING shots here … thanks so much for sharing!  (I'm supposed to meet with Micky this week for his two shows at The City Winery so your timing couldn't be better!) Thanks, Gary!  (kk) 

More photographs and memories from this exciting era ...

As great groups like The Cryan' Shames and The New Colony Six proved over and over, sometimes the very best records of a given year do not rise to the top of Billboard's national hit parade. 
In 1967, there were three competing versions of this song out at the same time and the three split airplay -- keeping any of them from rising as far on Billboard's Hot 100 charts as they might have if the competition had not been present.  
Here's a Forgotten Hit that still makes my heart soar 50 years after its release -- despite climbing no higher than #87 nationally in the summer of 1967: 
Gary Theroux 
"The History of Rock 'n' Roll"    
The Blades Of Grass version only went to #87 in Billboard … but was a #52 Hit in Record World … one of those unexplainable anomalies of the national charts.

Meanwhile, The Sunshine Company version fared a little bit better, peaking at #31 in Cash Box (and #50 in Billboard). 

I wasn't aware of a third version … so Gary explained … 

The third version was by a British group called The Rush -- whose overblown recording did not chart in the U.S. 
Yeah, that's pretty horrible!  (lol)  It doesn’t look like it charted over there either!  (OK, I've gotta go with The Blades Of Grass' version on this one!  That's the one we heard here in Chicago.)  kk  

Kent ... 
I switched on the TV to the DECADES station and heard Eric Burdon And The Animals singing "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place."   It's from one of those surfer movies, "It's A Bikini World" - from 1967.  
Frank B.

The latest edition of Randy on the Radio streams this Wednesday (June 14) at 8:00 p.m. ET on Top Shelf Oldies (
As on all my shows this year, I'll be featuring a double play of songs that debuted on the SuperCharts Top 100 50 years ago this week, in conjunction with the Forgotten Hits tribute to 1967. This week's double play features two groups whose careers lasted much longer than average for that period -- one from Detroit, the other from Manchester, England. The show will also include my other usual features: a Mystery Oldie, a '70s Double Play, an uncommon Lennon-McCartney song and several rare stereo tracks.    
– Randy Price

I read your issues cover-to-cover ... 
(Don't tell anyone!)
James Fairs
lol ... thanks, James ... ready for more Cornerstones shows coming up?  (kk)
Sure ...
Working up 'First Train to California', combining with (say), 'Could Be', 'Sunshine Psalm' and 'Sugar and Spice'.
Be well.
I talked with Jim Peterik this weekend about maybe adding another "tribute track" to the song line-up ... not saying anything yet as to whether or not it'll happen, but he seemed to really like the idea.  Stay tuned!  (kk)
Cornerstones Shows coming up on July 15th in Bloomington at The Bloomington Performing Arts Center ...
And then back to The Arcada Theatre for Thanksgiving Weekend, on November 25th.  (kk)