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1967 BONUS #51

>>>Rewound Radio ran an incredible year end Top 30 Countdown this past weekend hosted by multi-award winning announcer  (WAY too  many to mention here!),  Johnny Holliday.  It was a very interesting countdown because it presented The Top 30 Biggest Hits of the Year from a San Francisco perspective ... quite a bit different than what we experienced on a national level (and here in Chicago).  Holliday worked for KYA at the time, a big Top 40 outlet.  Interestingly enough, several times during the broadcast he mentioned the game he was going to be doing the play-by-play for later that week.  Of course, this is how we all best know him ... so it was kinda cool to hear those seeds being planted way back in '67.
It was especially fun to hear some of the vintage commercials that ran during this original broadcast (including what seems to be the Forgotten Hits Fan Favorite, Heaven Scent!)  And the one where you can "put yourself in a brand new 1967 Jaguar for only $4478!!!  (Can you even imagine?!?!?) These DeeJay Hall Of Fame shows run every weekend ... and they're a lot of fun, as are the special salutes to some of the AM Radio Giants of our past, featuring lengthy airchecks from a variety of jocks from a particular radio station ... you really should give them a listen on a regular basis ... it's radio like it used to be ... and I think you'll be VERY impressed by the music you hear.  Great Stuff!  (kk)   

Kent ...
Love your blog...Great stuff.
I did not catch the show, Maryland was playing at the same time. Nice timing huh!!
Johnny Holliday
It was GREAT to hear the rebroadcast of your 1967 Year-End Countdown on Rewound Radio this past weekend ... SO cool that you were already doing play-by-play on the side back then ... who would have EVER thought back then where this would eventually lead!!!  (They also played your final broadcast from 1965 when the station you were on switched to all news the following day)  You'll ALWAYS find some GREAT stuff on Rewound Radio!
Happy Holidays to you and yours!

UPDATE:  Here's some "Must Listen" Radio for this weekend, too ...
THIS Saturday (as in tomorrow), December 23rd, Rewound Radio will be replaying the original broadcast of WABC's Top 100 Countdown of The Biggest Hits of 1967.  (I'm telling you, 1967 is EVERYWHERE this year!!!)
Be sure to tune in and listen to this one ... SO many great hits that year.  (You'll find a couple of our DeeJay Regulars doing special Year End Countdowns these next two weekends as well ... ALL saluting The Biggest Hits of Exactly Fifty Years Ago!)  kk

What an incredible year you had recreating 1967 so brilliantly!
Thanks for all your great work and fellowship.
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Hola Kent,
What will we do when FH67 comes to an end ? What a wonderful trip down memory lane for all your readers / subscribers celebrating their formative years and basking in the memories you have resurrected ... What a kick !
As a MAC user, I miss some of the clips but still enjoy the majority of your postings, so intriguing I am tempted to purchase a Windows machine (sacrilege in the Apple sphere !) ha ha to fully appreciate all your very hard work.  I really don’t know how you do it!
Perhaps you could do mini projects celebrating each year in the decade with each year's highlights ?
Whatever, certainly your regular blog satisfies our need to celebrate our music and times while your specials are truly the dessert !
Thank you,
The calendar project was pretty intense ... I'm sure we'll still celebrate certain special anniversaries (and featuring special charts) in the years to come ... but honestly right now I'm kind of anxious to get back to the regular website posts ... TOO many AOL mail problems lately trying to send out to the list!  That being said, no one hates to see it end more than me ... while this was, without question, the most extensive and exhaustive series I've ever done, it is also one of the ones I'm most proud of ... and I think most of our readers enjoyed the look back on this INCREDIBLE year in music.  (kk)

Loved your 1967 Series … can't wait to see what you've got planned for 1968. 
Sorry … not gonna happen!  (lol)  This one took it all out of me!  (kk)

Here is a copy of RPM's year end chart for 1967 


Hi Kent:  
Here's a Boston Survey from December!

Any of the artists who performed at this WVOK Birmingham, AL show remember it?

Man, what a line-up!!!  Can you imagine going to see ALL of these acts performing in one big show?!?!!
Amazing!!! (And several of them are now Forgotten Hits Regulars!!!  Notice how most of them also have hits on this week's chart?!?!?)  kk

Again,  Kent, thanks for the Royal Guardsmen mention for Snoopy's
Christmas ... never thought it'd have legs this long!  (But  I'm super
grateful it does!)
You did a great job on your 1967 series … thanks a million, Kent … I'm honored deeply.
Blessings this Holiday, my friend
Barry  & Teena

Just like there was no Herman in the Hermits, there was no Simon in Simon Dupree and The Big Sound.
Derek Shulman was lead singer of the group which was comprised of his two brothers and three schoolmates. They were popular as a live band doing blues and r&b covers similar to the early Rolling Stones. But as blues gave way to psychedelia in the UK, they were desperate for a hit record to stay relevant. Reluctantly they recorded the atmospheric "Kites". It was co-written by Lee Pockriss, an American who also wrote "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini". It was an immediate hit when released on November 22, 1967, and, in seven weeks, reached it's #9 UK peak. It was recorded for Parlophone at EMI's Abbey Road Studios and featured gongs, woodblocks, finger cymbals, swirling wind effects and a Mellotron plus actress Jacqui Chan's Chinese spoken word interlude.
Earlier that year, Reggie Dwight joined the band on a tour of Scotland while substituting for the keyboard player. The band members thought it hilarious when he revealed to them that he was going to change his name to Elton John. He had high hopes of becoming a permanent member of the group but that was nixed by the band's manager. If he had remained with them, the world might have never known him as the pop superstar he has become.
Today Simon Dupree and The Big Sound are regarded as one hit wonders (despite another minor UK chart hit). In
retrospect, the band made some other fine recordings that weren't well received at the time. In 1970 they disbanded and the Shulman brothers formed the  progressive rock UK band Gentle Giant.
Mike G


One of the big, cult albums of 1967 was the release by The Velvet Underground and Nico …
Mike Duquette tells us about a brand new compilation Vinyl Box sets that commemorates not only this release but a whole lot more …

We're down to our last days of calendar postings ... don't miss our Year-End Recap coming soon to a Forgotten Hits Web Page near you!  (kk)

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

1967 BONUS #50

Wow ... we've made it to FIFTY Bonus Posts regarding our 1967 Series ...
And with only three weeks to go before the whole thing wraps up, who knows ... we may even be able to post a couple more!  
Thanks again to everybody who stuck with us this past year ... I can't believe how fast it went.  (A full year to prep and then it was over in a heartbeat!)   
Here are some of your most recent comments and memories ... 

Don't know how you keep up with all the info, but I sure enjoy the read, Kent.
'67 was a crazy year for everybody in the biz. 
Thanks for all the work, my friend.
Have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.
Barry Winslow / The Royal Guardsmen 

Here's a GREAT piece on the Smothers Brother Comedy Hour posted this past weekend. Just as Janis Ian is mentioned on FH as playing on the show this past weekend 50 years ago, here in this article are MANY of the great clips from the show.  It was lucky that E! played many of these shows about 30 years ago and I was able to tape them.  Great stuff.
Clark Besch  
This IS really good stuff.  I've always loved The Smothers Brothers ... tried to get them to comment for our 1967 Series but it seems they are sticking to their "retirement" announcement.  Too bad ... can you imagine some of the stories they could have shared?!?!?
Those shows have never come out on DVD ... instead they started to release their choices for best episodes of each season IN REVERSE ORDER (who does THAT?!?!?) many years ago and they never got to Season One ... the collection ended after just Seasons Three and Two.  (Would LOVE to see the whole thing, intact, exactly as it aired ... plus some of the scenes that were cut by the censors, which I'm sure seem INCREDIBLY tame by today's standards.)  Thanks for sharing this, Clark.  (kk)

Rewound Radio ran an incredible year end Top 30 Countdown this past weekend hosted by multi-award winning announcer  (WAY too  many to mention here!),  Johnny Holliday. 
It was a very interesting countdown because it presented The Top 30 Biggest Hits of the Year from a San Francisco perspective ... quite a bit different than what we experienced on a national level (and here in Chicago).  Holliday worked for KYA at the time, a big Top 40 outlet.  Interestingly enough, several times during the broadcast he mentioned the game he was going to be doing the play-by-play for later that week.  Of course, this is how we all best know him ... so it was kinda cool to hear those seeds being planted way back in '67.
I talked with Allan Sniffen to see if perhaps this program would be archived somewhere on their website ... and even offered to post it on our brand new 1967 Listening Station site ... but unfortunately this was a one-time airing.  (I'm hoping some of you got to hear it.  And whether you did or didn't, I WAS able to find a copy of the actual countdown broadcast that day!)
It was especially fun to hear some of the vintage commercials that ran during this original broadcast (including what seems to be the Forgotten Hits Fan Favorite, Heaven Scent!)  And the one where you can "put yourself in a brand new 1967 Jaguar for only $4478!!!  (Can you even imagine?!?!?)
Rewound Radio continues to play a WIDE variety of music from the '50's, '60's, '70's and beyond ... and seem to have an endless library of music to choose from.  (Hey, after a MAJOR plug for Forgotten Hits on the air, they even played MY request for The New Colony Six's "I'm Just Waitin', nticipatin'" after the show on Saturday ... and let me tell you, it sounded GREAT!)
These DeeJay Hall Of Fame shows run every weekend ... and they're a lot of fun, as are the special salutes to some of the AM Radio Giants of our past, featuring lengthy airchecks from a variety of jocks from a particular radio station ... you really should give them a listen on a regular basis ... it's radio like it used to be ... and I think you'll be VERY impressed by the music you hear.  (They also run our FH Buddy Gary Theroux's History Of Rock And Roll feature three times a day, Monday thru Friday)
Be sure to check 'em out here ... they continue to prove their credo on a daily basis ... "It's not how OLD it is ... it's how GOOD it is!" ... GREAT stuff!  (kk)

A big anniversary was celebrated this past week for brand new Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees (it's about frickin' time!!!) The Moody Blues.  In fact, it looks like they'll be celebrating for quite awhile with their upcoming "Days Of Future Passed" Tour (we just told you about The Moodies Cruise, too, which will feature Chicago's very own Ides Of March this year!), the release of a brand new deluxe edition of their classic album reissue, some RRHF acceptance speeches and live jammin' ... and even a short stint in Vegas! 
(See our FH Buddy Harvey Kubernik's tribute below):

The Doors' "Strange Days" album is also getting the 50th Anniversary treatment ... read more about it here ...

Speaking of The Doors, they'll be the subject of a brand new book by Harvey Kubernik, coming out in February ... more details via the press release below ...  

Otherworld Cottage Industries Announces Harvey Kubernik's new book,
"The Doors: Summer's Gone," scheduled for publication in February, 2018

The Doors: Summer's Gone, Coming in February, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM)   
On December 8th, in honor of Jim Morrison's birthday, Otherworld Cottage Industries announced their upcoming book titled, "The Doors: Summer's Gone" by 45-year veteran music journalist and author Harvey Kubernik. This multi-voice history is the product of five decades, during which Kubernik interviewed the surviving members of the band as well as the dozens of insiders and witnesses whose experiences and insights inform his narrative expedition.
Publication of this second of Otherworld's three-part series of Kubernik's pop-culture explorations (the first was "
It was Fifty Years Ago THE BEATLES Invade America and Hollywood"), is scheduled for February 12, 2018, honoring the birthday of Doors co-founder, Ray Manzarek.
Otherworld Cottage also had a hand in Kubernik's new literary music anthology "Inside Cave Hollywood: The Harvey Kubernik Music InnerViews and InterViews Collection, Vol. 1," being published the last week of December 2017 by Cave Hollywood. Harvey's works, displayed weekly on, have already included two articles on Otherworld Cottage Industries founder Travis Edward Pike. Linda Snyder, our extremely talented graphics designer, created its intriguing cover, and our Otherworld Cottage staff is largely responsible for the book's interior layout.  It’s a compilation of 2006 - 2016 articles, essays, interviews and encounters Harvey has documented. These selections also contain the unedited and expanded versions of text Harvey has exhibited on the portal over the last decade.  
If you love the history and sound of Chess, Motown and Brunswick Records and the recorded catalogs of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley & the Wailers, the Rolling Stones in mono, Lenny Bruce, the Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim LP, Leon Russell, Paul Kantner, Otis Redding at the Whisky a Go Go in 1966, the filmusic career of Bill Mumy, Elton John’s two U.S. albums in 1970, observations from Andrew Loog Oldham, the musical heritage of East Los Angeles, the landmark 1964-1969 rock and pop music photography of Guy Webster, may we suggest investigating this title.   (The book also houses many black and white and color photos by additional noted photographers.)  
"The Doors: Summer's End" will bring to 14, the number of Kubernik's published music-related pop-culture books.
Incidentally, the December issue of "
Ugly Things" magazine, #46, spotlighting Kubernik's 4,500 word feature article, "A Stand Against the Electric Swarm, Dylan's 'John Wesley Harding' 50 Years On," also displays a Kubernik-penned article in its DVD Reviews section about the Otherworld Cottage release of "Grumpuss 20th Anniversary Platinum Edition," starring our prolific enchanter, sixties' rocker, Travis Pike.
Kubernik has the cover story in the December, 2017 issue of "
Record Collector News" magazine, exploring Bob Dylan and his "gospel years" multi-disc box set, "Trouble No More - The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 / 1979-1981."
To stay abreast of Harvey's on-going activities, broadcast bookings here and abroad, up-coming publications, or to review works like his critically acclaimed 2017 Sterling/Barnes and Noble published "1967: A Complete Rock Music History of the Summer of Love," be sure to visit the
Kubernik's Korner webpage, hosted and regularly updated by the minions of Otherworld. 

The Beach Boys have a follow-up release to their earlier 1967 "Sunshine Tomorrow" CD - this one's got nearly 150 tracks(!) featuring more rare, never-before-released studio takes and a TON of live material, all recorded during 1967.

Here's the track list:
Live in Hawaii – 8/25/67 – Rehearsal:  Heroes and Villains / God Only Knows / Good Vibrations / The Letter / You’re So Good to Me / Hawaii / All Day All Night / California Girls (Take 1) / Surfin’ / Sloop John B / Wouldn’t It Be Nice / California Girls (Take 2) / The Letter (Take 2)

Live in Hawaii – 8/25/67:  Hawaii / You’re So Good to Me / Surfer Girl / Surfin’ / Gettin’ Hungry / Sloop John B / California Girls / Wouldn’t It Be Nice / Heroes and Villains / God Only Knows / Good Vibrations / Barbara Ann /

Live in Hawaii – 8/26/67 – Rehearsal:  The Letter / Hawaii (New Edit and Mix) / You’re So Good to Me / God Only Knows / Help Me Rhonda / California Girls / Good Vibrations / Heroes and Villains (New Edit and Mix) / Their Hearts Were Full of Spring / The Lord’s Prayer

Live in Hawaii – 8/26/67:  Hawthorne Boulevard* / Hawaii / You’re So Good to Me / Help Me Rhonda / California Girls / Wouldn’t It Be Nice / Gettin’ Hungry (New Edit and Mix) / Surfer Girl / Surfin’ (New Edit and Mix) / Sloop John B / The Letter (New Edit and Mix) / God Only Knows / Good Vibrations / Heroes and Villains / Barbara Ann

Live in Detroit – 11/17/67:  Barbara Ann / Darlin’ / Country Air* / I Get Around / How She Boogalooed It* / Wouldn’t It Be Nice / God Only Knows / California Girls / Wild Honey* / Graduation Day / Good Vibrations / Johnny B. Goode

Live in Washington, D.C. – 11/19/67:  Barbara Ann / Darlin’ / I Get Around / Surfer Girl / Wouldn’t It Be Nice / God Only Knows / California Girls* / Wild Honey / Good Vibrations / Graduation Day* / Johnny B. Goode

Live in White Plains, NY – 11/21/67:  Help Me Rhonda / Barbara Ann / Darlin’ / Surfer Girl / Wouldn’t It Be Nice / God Only Knows / California Girls / Wild Honey / Graduation Day / Good Vibrations

Live in Pittsburgh – 11/22/67:  Help Me Rhonda / Barbara Ann / I Get Around / Darlin’* / Surfer Girl / Wouldn’t It Be Nice / God Only Knows / California Girls / Wild Honey / Good Vibrations / Johnny B. Goode / Graduation Day / Sloop John B

Live in Boston – 11/23/67:  Help Me Rhonda / Barbara Ann / Darlin’ / Surfer Girl / Wouldn’t It Be Nice / God Only Knows / California Girls / Wild Honey / Good Vibrations / I Get Around* / Sloop John B / Graduation Day / Johnny B. Goode
NOTE:  All tracks previously unreleased except for those with an *, which were previously released on 1967 - Sunshine Tomorrow 

The Beach Boys, 1967 - Sunshine Tomorrow 2 - The Studio Sessions (Captiol / UMe, 2017)
(Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K. / Amazon Canada TBD)
1.              Heroes and Villains (A Cappella)
2.              Vegetables (Track and Backing Vocals)
3.              She’s Going Bald (Track and Backing Vocals)
4.              Little Pad (A Cappella)
5.              With Me Tonight (Session Highlights)
6.              Wind Chimes (Track and Backing Vocals)
7.              Getting Hungry (Track and Backing Vocals)
8.              Whistle In (Track and Backing Vocals)
9.              Aren’t You Glad (Stereo Single Mix)
10.                       I Was Made to Love Her (Track and Backing Vocals)
11.                       Country Air (Track and Backing Vocals)
12.                       Darlin’ (Track and Backing Vocals)
13.                       I’d Love Just Once To See You (Track and Backing Vocals)
14.                       Here Comes the Night (A Cappella)
15.                       Let the Wind Blow (A Cappella)
16.                       How She Boogalooed It (Track and Backing Vocals)
17.                       Lonely Days (Session Highlight and Track)
18.                       Time To Get Alone (Backing Track)
19.                       Cool Cool Water (Alternate Mix)
20.                       Can’t Wait Too Long (Alternative Mix with Tag)
21.                       Tune L (Session)
22.                       Good News (Outtake)
23.                       Surfin’ (Lei'd in Hawaii / Studio Backing Track)
24.                       Heroes and Villains (Lei'd in Hawaii / Studio Version)
25.                       With A Little Help from My Friends (Session Highlight and Track
                 with Background)
26.                       Barbara Ann (Lei'd in Hawaii / Studio Backing Track)
27.                       California Girls (Lei'd in Hawaii / Studio Stereo Mix)
28.                       God Only Knows (Lei'd in Hawaii / Studio Stereo Mix)
29.                       Surfer Girl (Lei'd in Hawaii / Studio Stereo Mix – Alternate Mix)
Much as I'd love to add this one to my Beach Boys collection I've really gotta stop and consider ... Do I REALLY need NINE more live versions of "Good Vibrations," "Surfer Girl" or "Help Me Rhonda" in my collection???  I'm not really sure I see the attraction here, even for the most die-hard Beach Boys fans (but knowing me, I'll probably still buy it anyway!!!)  Hey, it's 1967 after all!  (Then again, it looks like this is a digital download release only ... so probably not!  I'm never gonna have the time ... or the inclination ... to sit at my computer and listen to 150 tracks of the same songs playing over and over again!!!)  kk

This is an excellent article on Otis Redding. I remember that we had planned on going to the show that night as our high school friends, The Grim Reapers, were scheduled to open. As it turns out, the weather was terrible that night and we cancelled the trip. I am pretty sure that I read at one time that Otis Redding bought the plane from James Brown.
Robert Campbell 
One of the sadder anniversaries of 1967 ... but yes, a very well done piece.  (kk)

How'd we miss this one?!?!?
With all the research I did on 1967, I don't know HOW this event never came up ... but there it is in Harvey Kubernik's outstanding book "1967: A Complete Music History Of The Summer Of Love"!
One June 10th and 11th (a week before The Monterey International Pop Festival, an event billed as The Magic Mountain Music Festival, put together by KFRC, a San Francisco-based AM Radio Station, spear-headed by Program Director Tom Rounds..
Posters for this event (designed by Stanley Mouse) announced a two-dollar ticket price treating buyers to performances by Canned Heat, The Doors, The Seeds, The Byrds, Hugh Masekela, Kaleidoscope, Jefferson Airplane, The Grass Roots, The Fifth Dimension, The Chocolate Watchband, Country Joe and the Fish, The Merry-Go-Round, Blues Magoos, The Mojo Men, The 13th Floor Elevators, Dionne Warwick, P.F. Sloan, Wilson Pickett, The Steve Miller Blues Band, Captain Beefheart, Spanky and Our Gang, Every Mothers Son, The Miracles, Tim Buckley and many more.

That would make THIS the first-ever pop music festival ... so how is it that nobody's ever heard of it?!?!  (For 50 years that honor has always gone to Monterey Pop ... AMAZING!!!)
(It all took place at the 4000 seat Sidney B. Cushing Memorial Amphitheatre, high atop the mountain in Mount Tamalpais State Park in Marin County.  Reports say that over 36,000 people attended the two-day event.  (Where'd they sit?!?!)  Because the event took place one week later than originally advertised (due to inclement weather), several of the acts originally scheduled to perform were unable to reschedule ... which is probably why the list looks as long as it does.
However, I did find one website that lists all of the performers spread over the two-day event (including Captain Beefheart's 10:30 am show on the 11th!)  I'm just amazed that we missed this!!!  So thank you, Harvey, for letting us know!!!  (kk)

Saturday, June 10

o    The Charlatans
o    Mount Rushmore
o    Rodger Collins
o    Dionne Warwick
o    The Doors
o    Canned Heat
o    The Sparrow
o    Kaleidoscope
o    The Mojo Men


Sunday, June 11

o    The Byrds w/ Hugh Masekela
o    P. F. Sloan
o    The Seeds
o    The Grass Roots
o    Tim Buckley
o    Penny Nichols

I had to cross the pond in 1968 to first hear what has become my all time favorite Gene Pitney song.
"Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart" was written by the highly successful UK songwriting team of Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway (who also performed as David and Jonathan).
Starting in 1964, Pitney frequently toured the UK and had become more popular there than in America. He had ten Top Ten Hits in the British charts in the Sixties compared to only four in Billboard in the US. He took Randy Newman's "Nobody Needs Your Love" to #2 in the UK in 1966 (It didn't chart in the US).
Pitney's dramatic vocal rendering of "Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart" peaked at #5 on December 9, 1967, and stayed in the UK charts for three months. It inexplicably went unnoticed by American radio and only bubbled under here. That's perceived as the reason why EMI decided against a US release of Pitney's duet remake of the song with Marc Almond that became #1 for four weeks in the UK in 1989. It sold more than one million records just in Europe. In 1981 Almond (as one half of the duo Soft Cell) had his first UK#1 and that year's top UK single with a cover of Gloria Jones' "Tainted Love". David and Jonathan's 1967 recording of "Softly Whispering I Love You" would be remade into a worldwide smash hit by The English Congregation in 1971.
Mike G 

Nope, I've never heard it before ... and it's a very nice track.  As always, thanks for sharing, Mike!  (Gee, what are YOU going to do when the 1967 Series is over?!?!  lol  I'm going thru '67 Withdrawal myself right now!)  kk

Hi Kent:
How about a Montana chart from 50 years ago!!!

Wow, there are some pretty unusual titles on this one ... competing head to head with some of the biggest hits of the day.  Seriously?  Robert Goulet?  Steve Lawrence?  And little known tracks by The Arbors and even Gary Lewis and the Playboys.  Definitely some odd ones on this list!  (kk)

Speaking of which ... 

I am sending you the top 50 hits for OKC, 1967, according to WKY if you would like to use them at the end of this year.
Larry Neal

Thanks, Larry ... a few surprises on this list, to be sure!  (We'll be running our Top 67 of '67 on January 2nd ... that's just three weeks away as our special 1967 Series draws to a close ... but this seemed like a good spot to run your list.  We also have the Year-End Charts coming up for both WLS and WCFL, whose weekly charts we have featured throughout this year-long series.)  kk

As you've remarked yourself, this year has really flown by and your great series reliving the glory days of 1967 is nearly at an end. 
And, this Wednesday, 8 p.m. ET on Top Shelf Oldies (, will be my last Randy on the Radio show on which I feature a pair of debuts from the SuperCharts Top 100 of 50 years ago. 
This week's debuts include songs by a one-(minor)hit wonder from Long Island, and one of the biggest British Invasion hitmakers, from Tottenham, England. As usual, my show will also feature a Mystery Oldie, a '70s Double Play and several rare stereo mixes among the playlist of great uncommon oldies. 
All my shows are archived at
– Randy Price

You keep bringing up "The Jungle Book" and it would seem that that movie was as popular in late 67 / early 68 as "Star Wars" would have been in 1977.  
In March of 1968, the movie was still so popular that it re-opened at the State - Lake theater.  Attached is a clip from our radio tapes of WCFL with an ad for the movie "opening Friday at the State - Lake."  Interestingly, the theater would close in 1985 and become the studios for WLS-TV!  The ad runs at the end of 4 minute condensed piece of history.
The audio on this is as we heard WCFL in Dodge City, Kansas, long distance on a good day!  We could get WLS MUCH better, but both stations were just great to tune in to.  Here, Ron "King B" Britain is in fine form one evening in March, 1968.  We'd just heard a cool H.I.S. commercial and on comes the Cyrkle doing their amazingly great 7-Up commercial.  When Sundazed Music was doing their Cyrkle CD reissues, I sent this to Bob Irwin and he tracked down the original tape and released it on a 45!  Then we go into a WCFL Mini-Spin (condensed for space here) in which CFL played about a minute of a top hit in a 3-song medley to appear to play MORE music than WLS did.  Our faves, the NC6 get featured.  Then, a funny Allen Chevy ad that might not run today.  Then, the Jungle Book ad followed by the newest Human Beinz song, a followup to the current Super Charts #83 song that is about to break out.  Ron quips that he is NOT broadcasting in stereo, which was just becoming an issue for AM/FM battles soon thereafter.  A slice of Chicago radio that makes me shiver to wish I was still back there in Dodge at out Bell reel to reel and 1940 Hallicrafter receiver fine tuning to record the latest releases from all over the country.
Clark Besch


A big point of our 1967 series has been how, in 1967, ANYTHING goes ... the fact that The Summer of Love and Sgt. Pepper, the pure fun of the Monkees and the heaviness of Jimi Hendrix and The Doors, The War in Viet Nam, and movies like "Jungle Book" and "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" could co-exist, side by side, just drives this point home even further.  The WLS / WCFL "radio wars" was at an all-time high that year ... and we went back and forth between them all day long in an effort not to miss a thing.  A VERY exciting time indeed ... on ALL levels.  (kk)

Hi Kent –
I am very much enjoying your 1967 reprise from up here in Toronto.  I will be sad to see it end.  Every Monday is a joy as I compare your chart with the ones I did myself every week in 1967, like the chart geek I am.   And your commentary is always fascinating.
One thing I’ve noticed over the almost year of Super Charts is the amazing number of classics that stall outside the Top 10.  This week it’s Everlasting Love by Robert Knight.  Maybe after year-end, you could compile your own list of faves from the year that didn’t make the grade.
Thanks again for a memorable year.
I've actually done a couple of countdown shows of personal favorites now, many of which are not the mainstream, overplayed Top 40 Hits of this incredible year.  (In fact you can find some of these posted here for your listening enjoyment ...
But if I WERE going to pick a Top Ten List of SHOULDA BEEN A HIT's from '67, I'd venture outside The Top 40 and still come up with some incredible gems.  Using Joel Whitburn's Pop Annual as a point of reference (it lists the peak position of EVERY single to make Billboard's Hot 100 Chart between 1955 and 2016), these ten would DEFINITELY make my list ... (I've listed Billboard's peak position to show you just how shy it fell of Top 40 hit status) ...
My World Fell Down - Sagittarius  (#70)
Summer Wine - Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood (49)
Walk Tall - 2 Of Clubs  (#92)
It Could Be We're In Love - The Cryan' Shames  (#85)
You're Gonna Be Mine - New Colony Six (#108)
I'm Just Waitin', Anticipatin' - New Colony Six (#128)
Tiny Bubbles - Don Ho  (#57) - c'mon ... it's a GREAT song ... just try NOT singing along!
You Don't Know Me - Elvis Presley (#44)
No Fair At All - The Association (51)
Love You So Much (#61)
And how about "It's Cold Outside" by The Choir (#68), "Anything Goes" by Harpers Bizarre (#43), "Grizzly Bear" by The Youngbloods (#52), "Let's Spend The Night Together" by The Rolling Stones (#55), "Dancing In The Street" by The Mamas and the Papas (#73) and "Requiem For The Masses" by The Association (#100)  kk
Got this from Designer Jeff Carlson, who saw it on a website he frequents and wanted to share it with our readers.  (Jeff is my expectant father son-in-law, who wasn't even born yet when The Monkees burst on the scene ... but it's fun to view this particular type of design tactic, aimed at pre and young teens back in 1967, trying to get them to shell out every available dollar they could get their hands on, putting it toward virtually ANYTHING that became available involving their music idols.)  Hey, it worked!!!  These Tiger Beat Spectaculars ran for nearly two years ... and disappeared off the magazine racks just as fast as the next one appeared!
Very cool ... very vintage ... very effective!  (kk)

Got this from a design publication I subscribe to. Thought it would bring you down memory lane. 
Jeff Carlson

12.8.17 / Hey, Hey, We Were The Monkees


During the 1960s, before the advent of Crawdaddy and Rolling Stone as “underground” rock n’ roll magazines, Tiger Beat and 16 Magazine ruled the fanboy and fangirl roost. They publicized the prince and princesses of pop and garnered many tween and teen fans in the process. Tiger Beat‘s Monkee Spectacular  made an impression on me as a wannabe publication designer. It was no Herb Lubalin or Alexey Brodovitch design, but it was the model I used for making layouts in underground music mags. 


I have to admit, it WOULD be pretty cool to have a complete collection of these!!!  (kk)

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