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1967 Bonus #24

We had the privilege to attend the Sgt.Pepper Listening Party in NYC on Friday at the totally state of the art Macintosh showroom in lower Manhattan. FEST regulars MCs and announcers Ken Dashow, Tom Frangione, Lou Simon, Bruce Spizer, Fab4Free4All, Ken Michaels and others were on hand. Elvis Costello also attended, as a fan. Apple President Jeff Jones introduced Giles Martin, who proceeded to treat us to an inside listening to what went into the going into the vault to clean up the holy grail! It was magical and he had every person in that room totally fixated and amazed. Then, he played the entire newly remixed and remastered  Stereo Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The results were breathtaking, vocals were so clear, all instruments including Ringo's drums were easily heard. The brightness of the sound only added to legend. The album got an extended standing ovation. We were all blown away. Giles is the new keeper of the archives and it is in great hands. Carol and I told him so (see picture above). We also got to see the packaging of the Super Deluxe Edition and it was clear that great care was put into the packaging as well. We have only 18 days to wait! I don't think anyone will be disappointed.
Mark Lapidos
The Fest For Beatles Fans 
It IS amazing, isn't it?  (I had the good fortune to listen to the entire CD package a couple of weeks ago and it truly is outstanding!)  Great sound and finally a chance to peek behind the curtain as this landmark album was being created - interesting to me, too, that deep down they always seemed to know exactly what they wanted ... but almost had to hear it played back themselves in order to get that extra push in the right direction ... especially with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight knowing how it all turned out in the end. A VERY fitting tribute to the 50th Anniversary. 
I don't know if you've been following our 1967 calendar at all or not but we are literally recreating 1967 exactly as it happened, day by day, with daily calendar posts of what happened exactly fifty years ago.  Obviously, Sgt. Pepper was a HUGE part of 1967 ... and it's right around the corner.  (The LP is finished at this point - they've already had private listening parties much like what you attended for their closest friends and critics - and, incredibly, were already hard at work on their next project, "Magical Mystery Tour"!)  I think you would enjoy our daily coverage so I've provided a link below (please share if you like what you see) as well as one to all the "extras" we've posted due to the high volume of comments and memories we're receiving.  (kk)   

More Pepper "bonus" material coming soon ... stay tuned ... the 50th Anniversary is right around the corner!  Be sure to check the daily calendar so you don't miss a thing!  

And check this out ... a Sirius / XM All-Beatles Channel is coming just in time to celebrate the Sgt. Pepper Anniversary!!!
The Beatles Channel: Coming exclusively to SiriusXM on May 18 
Come Together for the Revolution, and Help! us make music history. 
The Beatles’ first-ever official radio channel — The Beatles Channel — is coming exclusively to SiriusXM on May 18 at 9:09 am ET on Channel 18. 
Celebrating popular music’s most legendary and influential band, The Beatles Channel has been created by SiriusXM to present unique and exclusive programming in collaboration with and fully authorized by The Beatles’ Apple Corps Ltd. The Beatles Channel will also be available online and through the SiriusXM app
The Beatles Channel will showcase all-things-Beatles with regular and special programming spanning the history-making careers of the band and its members: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The channel will explore The Beatles’ entire career including their hits and deeper tracks, live recordings, rarities, and solo albums, while also spotlighting musicians who have inspired, and have drawn inspiration from, The Beatles.
“I still remember the thrill of when we first heard our music on the radio,” McCartney said. “But I don’t think any of us would have imagined that we’d have our very own Beatles radio channel more than 50 years later. The SiriusXM channel will have it all, 8 Days a Week.”
Ringo Starr added: “Great news, The Beatles will have their own channel on SiriusXM. Now you can listen to The Beatles, Any Time at All. Peace & Love.”
The Beatles Channel will launch at exactly 9:09 am ET on Thursday, May 18, and will be celebrated as part of SiriusXM’s free listening preview program, offering 24/7 listening on inactive SiriusXM radios from May 17 to May 30.
The Beatles Channel will present a curated mix of music tailored to a wide range of Beatles fans, along with a variety of regular shows and specials, including:

Breakfast with The Beatles

A daily morning show hosted by musician and lifelong Beatles aficionado Chris Carter, featuring music, stories and all things Beatles.

A Day in the Life

A daily feature noting milestones in the lives and career of The Beatles.

My Fab Four

A daily guest DJ session, hosted by musicians influenced by The Beatles, celebrities, and super-fan listeners, each playing their four favorite Beatles songs.

Beatle Bites

A daily “name the song” quiz featuring a short snippet of a Beatles recording.

A Dedicated Phone Number

844-999-BEATLES is a dedicated line for fans to make requests and share their Beatles stories.

The Fab Fourum

A live weekly call-in roundtable show hosted by veteran broadcaster Dennis Elsas; TV producer and author Bill Flanagan; and panelists including authors, musicians and fans.

Peter Asher: From Me To You

He sang Beatles compositions as a member of Peter & Gordon, was part of the formation of Apple Records and went on to become a multiple Grammy-winning producer and much more. Now, his stories come to life in this exclusive weekly series.

Magical Mini Concert

A weekly fantasy concert featuring live music from The Beatles and their solo works.

Northern Songs with Bill Flanagan

A regular show from TV producer and author Flanagan, focusing on themes that tell the story of The Beatles, their music and the effect it had on generations of fans.

Get Back: The Beatles in Britain

A monthly show recorded in and around London and Liverpool that offers the UK perspective of the Beatles phenomenon, hosted by Geoff Lloyd.

For a free 30-day trial, check out

Check out the MESSAGE songs of May, 1967, and beyond.
WOMT in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, played up their local Robbs hit as a TSW as well!  

"Cynthia Loves" is a great tune, but the ear catcher side was 'Rapid Transit."  


It's got that same message feel of the Five Americans Top 10 hit "Western Union" as well as the summer of '67 Brian Hyland great song, "Get The Message."  When messages come like these, they are great ones!  Check out the Ides of March getting some love as a premiere of "My Foolish Pride" as well! 


And since the King B Ron Britain sang for us in your last 1967 Bonus edition, how about a pic of Ron with the Robbs at the 'CFL studios?

It looks to me as if the Fifth Estate's "Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead" must have gotten recorded in March or VERY early April of 1967, as the first trade magazine comments come from the 4-22 issues.
All three trades had similar info on the record on that date. 
Record World's is shown below:

RECORD WORLD was first to give the single a review and a good one ta boot!
FRONT page as a "sleeper of the week" pic.  Every Mother's Son also had top 10 with their sleeper pic.
In two week's time, Cash Box gave THIS DJ bio for the group.

Of course, Furvis' band was beaten to the top 10 by 28 years, judging by this 11-11-1939 Billboard top 10.

Clark Besch

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