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1967 Bonus #13

I am really enjoying this trip back to 1967.


We do it every day ... new postings at 6 am Chicago time ... plus we're already up to 13 Bonus Issues!  (#14 will be going out in a couple of days ... so I'd have to say that quite a few people are diggin' it!!! lol)
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Since someone asked the question -
"Dimple Donnie" Phillips is definitely still around - we communicate by phone and email frequently. He and his wife Doris live in Austin, Texas.
If I remember his story correctly, after leaving WLS and the East Of Midnight show early in the mid 60s, he acquired a seat at the Chicago Board of Trade dealing in the commodity market, something he was always very good at - turning what was a hobby into a new career.  Somewhere along the way, he also built a large sailboat near his home West of O'Hare - eventually they decided to sell out, pack up the kids, took the boat to the Mississippi River and spent many months cruising South reaching the Gulf of Mexico - and then cruising West along the US coast line, eventually docking at Federal City, Texas - where they bought a house and lived for years.
He retained his seat at the Chicago Board of Trade commuting to Chicago periodically.  After retiring, they bought a home on a golf course near Austin, Texas, where they still reside today.
That's the scoop!
As some weirdo on the radio used to say back in the day ... "Time to bug out for the dugout and blow this pop stand / stay outta trees".  
Ron Riley - WLS
We're stirring up some GREAT memories ... and think about it ... 50+ year friendships ... ah, the Power of Music ... there is nothing else quite like it!  (kk)
From 1967, if my spies are correct, a promo for a Cryan' Shames album, circa 1967.  (attached) 



Speaking of The Cryan' Shames, check out this ad for Dex Card's Wild Goose club up in Waukegan that we just happened to come across ... The New Colony Six, too ... The Box Tops, The Troggs, The Classics IV and The 1910 Fruit Gum Company ... you could see each of these acts for just two bucks almost exactly 49 years ago today (March 1st, 1968)!
Check out Jeff Roteman's WLS Page to see some of the other incredible names that graced the stages of Dex's clubs back in the day ...

And look what else we found there ...

A photo of Dex Card, Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon and Lou Christie!!!

All three of whom are now regular Forgotten Hits Readers!

AMAZING!!!  (Never in my wildest dreams!!!)  kk

My wife and I were talking just the other night about coming back to Illinois from Connecticut some time before summer.  We can't make the St. Patrick's date for the Ronnie Rice / Ray Graffia, Jr. show but hope that our visit can coincide with one of the Cornerstones of Rock 'n' Roll concerts.  It's hard to think of anything I'd enjoy more than to see and hear live versions of "Sugar and Spice," "I Wanna Meet You," "It Could Be We're In Love," "I Will Always Think About You," "I Want You To Know," "Things I'd Like To Say," "Roll On" and all the other classics by Chicagoland's greatest groups which replay endlessly in my head and in my heart.

Gary Theroux

The next Cornerstones show is May 20th at The Genesee Theatre ... which still might be too early ... tickets are moving briskly for this one so if you think it's a possibility, you may have to book this fast!
There's talk of a July concert down state in the ISU area ... which is where our daughter goes to school ...
Not finalized yet but perhaps a possibility depending on your travel time.  (It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive for us ... but an excuse to visit with her, too, as well as see a great show.)
Unfortunately within the confines of a Cornerstones show each act is limited to three or four songs and that's about it ...
I know The Shames do "Sugar And Spice" and "It Could Be We're In Love" ... not 100% certain on the other two but one of them might be "I Wanna Meet You".
The New Colony Six typically do "I Confess", "I Will Always Think About You", "Things I'd Like To Say" and usually either "Love You So Much" or "Can't You See Me Cry".  (Two for Ronnie, two for Ray)
Too bad because both acts are backed by The Ides Of March (including their incredible horn section) ... it would be AWESOME to hear them do something like "Roll On" or "I'm Just Waitin', Anticipatin'" with the horns. (That's why I'm so curious about the Ronnie and Ray show!  I wonder what they've got planned.)
Let me know if/when you'd be heading out this way ... would love to get together again.  (kk)
UPDATE:  It sounds like the Ronnie Rice show at The Prairie Center has been cancelled!!!  Still waiting for more details ... but today I got a refund on my tickets out of the blue.  (Damn ... and I had FRONT ROW SEATS, dead center!)  kk


The next edition of my Randy on the Radio show streams this Wednesday (March 8) at 8 p.m. Eastern on Top Shelf Oldies (www.topshelfoldies.org). As on all my shows this year, I'll be featuring two songs the debuted this week in 1967 on the SuperCharts survey. One of those will be by the Buckinghams and the other by a group from Lansing, Michigan. (My shows are archived at 

– Randy Price

And the following night, I'll be a guest on Mark Dawson's "Making Noise With Mark Dawson" radio show on OurGenerationRadio.com.  Each of us have selected five of our all-time favorites from 1967 ... and we'll be counting them down Thursday Night, starting at 9 pm Eastern / 8 pm CHICAGO TIME ... this should be a fun night so we're hoping some of our readers can tune in and listen.  (kk)
~ "Making Noise with Mark Dawson" featuring Kent Kotal of Forgotten Hits and some of his favorites from 1967, Thursday, March 9th, at 9 pm eastern time on OurGenerationRadio.com ~
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Kinda funny, but my favorite Paul Revere and Raiders tunes were B sides of hit singles, two of them from 1967.  (flip of 'Good Thing' was 'Undecided Man', which got a lot of airplay in Texas, and flip of "Him Or Me" was 'Legend Of Paul Revere".  The third was B side of "Hungry" - "There She Goes".

I always looked forwarded to playing 'new singles' cause you never knew what you might find on the flip side!!)
Paul Revere and the Raiders B-sides did pretty well in our Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides Poll from a few years ago.  "The Legend Of Paul Revere" is probably the quintessential Paul Revere and the Raiders B-Side ... a true classic.  (It even appeared on their "Greatest Hits" album.)  But my personal favorite ... ALSO from 1967 ... is "Upon Your Leaving", the flipside of "I Had A Dream" ... still to come in our re-enactment of my all-time favorite year in music.  (kk)

I probably should wait until December to send this to you -- but I might not remember then! 
Here's a list of the Hartford, Connecticut-area biggest hits for 1967, as compiled by radio station WDRC. Of course, as usual, the Hartford-area big sellers differed somewhat from those on the national surveys, but on this list I can see only two that stood out as being quite different. 
The #7 biggest record of 1967 in Hartford was "No Good to Cry" by the Wildweeds, a Hartford-area group who were extremely popular locally but didn't make much of a splash nationally.  ("No Good to Cry" spent four weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at #88.)  The lead singer and guitarist of the Wildweeds was Al Anderson, who later found fame with NRBQ and as a songwriter.
The other oddity I noticed is Don Grady's "The Children of St. Monica," which came in at #47 in Hartford but didn't even make the Billboard Hot 100 for one week; it peaked nationally at #132.   Don Grady, who died five years ago, appeared on My Three Sons for 12 years and later had a successful career as a songwriter.  I'm not sure why "The Children of St. Monica" was so hot in Hartford, but it certainly was! 

Henry McNultyCheshire, Connecticut
I love the way the regional charts took on a local slant back in the '60's ... we certainly experienced it here in Chicago!  And this is quite a list ... between all the ties and two-sided hit B-Sides listed, this is more like a Top 85 Chart!
For our final posting of our 1967 Series (scheduled to run on January 2nd, 2018), we're running our own Top 67 of '67 Chart based on data accumulated from the weekly Super Charts postings.  We'll have Year-End Charts from WLS and WCFL, too, once we hit December.

Thanks for sending ... I always I enjoy looking at these ... and I know other FH Readers do as well.  (kk)