Thursday, April 27, 2017

Another Clark Besch 1967 Bonus Feature (With A Decidedly Chicago Slant)

We've run a couple of pieces now featuring vintage clips of this era from Clark Besch's massive archives ... 

Today's edition takes a look back from a Chicago perspective on April / May of 1967 ... Enjoy!   

Here are a few items that are from the Chicago landscape of teenage angst, circa April and May, 1967!

The BIG event of April was when WLS toured about the city with Sonny & Cher helping promote their new movie, 
"Good Times."  Several of the DJs did different gigs with them, with Dex Card doing the bus tour with fans.
 Below, Dex with S&C 50 years ago onstage together!

Obviously, some newspapers did NOT know who 
DEX CARD (Rex?) was!

Below is a bit of WLS history circa April / May, 1967, including the advert for the above Sonny & Cher tour.  
You'll also find info on WLS' "Super Summer", 
the Yardbirds selling out (!),   
the good ole "Radar Weather Eye" jingle, 
those classic Compoz and Schlitz ads, 
"Yellow Balloon!",  
and a "dream job" ... 
including giving tours of the WLS "complex!"
Some 1967 timely things from then such as a somewhat sexist toothpaste story from Dex Card, a soldier predicting the Vietnam war outcome, a VERRRY sad memory of Dr. Martin Luther King trying to bring us all together 
just under a year before his untimely death.
AND the Silver Dollar Survey show with the one song that started Super Summer 67 on its' way to glory!


Below, WLS personality OFFICER VIC, (Ray Van Steen), 
dons his crime fighting uniform as he emcees 
another Sonny & Cher event this week, 1967.

Art Roberts would also do one gig with them, 
and possibly others 'LS jocks?
Some of the other 'LS jocks doing dances 
and appearances include:
Clark Weber likely flying his plane out west 
to Sterling, Ill for a dance:

and just north of Sterling, Clark flies to Freeport 
for a cool gig with THE HUNS!!!

Then, Art Roberts go IN STORE at Penney's with the Trolls!!
From the CFL V.I.P.'s, there were dances and hops as well! 

From the 'CFL V.I.P.'s there were dances and hops as well! 

Dick Williamson....
King Bee Ron Britain ...

I sent in some of the Cryan Shames' dates from 50 years ago and now here's a few more ...

Let's start with the Ides of March likely playing their new "My Foolish pride" single
at "the Barn" out west in Sterling, Il.

And back home at Oak Park with the "Maybees." 
The Maybees were a band that James Holvay was in, 
but I am pretty sure he was in the Mob by this time of 1967.  Maybe he will shed some light on who 
THESE "Maybees" are??

The New Colony 6 were busy breaking in their new additional singer, Ronnie Rice.  With the Ray Graffia-sung "You're Gonna be Mine" high on WLS, it is almost time to unveil Ronnie singing on their next single "I'm Just Waitin'."
Below, they gig at Bookfield in on the western side.

The NC6 also helped out at a Greased Pig Contest 
at Monmouth College...
(now THAT'S gotta be a career highlight for the group, 
eh guys?!?!? - kk)
My beloved Saturday's Children appeared in Oak Park...
and the Buckinghams were hotter than hot 
with their national hits ...
here they are, appearing at Penney's in Roselle.

The Bucks even had just plain band info ads in papers!
Below touting the "all single" members ... 
including the newest, Marty Grebb!

While the Shadows of Knight chose another way 
of advertising their sound ....
A flexi disc packed in a twin-pack of potato chips 
told of their love for "Potato Chip"!!!