Wednesday, February 8, 2017

1967 Bonus #7


Hi Kent; 
It’s amazing to find myself transported back to 1967 in a single heartbeat by merely looking at a copy of a Silver Dollar Survey. Nice job on the entire project!  
What’s even more amazing is the fawning over Ron Riley. Let’s face it boys and girls, in real life he had all the charm of an itchy foot in a tightly laced combat boot! It wasn’t just me that was bugged by him. As a little boy his mother used to tell him to go outside and play in the traffic!  
Mother Weber’s Oldest Son Clark,
Now 86 years old ... and mind you I’m stone deaf from playing all that damn rock & roll ... and I loved it!

Here's a picture of Ron Riley with the girl we saluted on February 1st ... Nancy Sinatra!  (kk)

It is GREATTTTT to see Ron Riley commenting on FH. 
Ron, you were my hero 50 years ago!!! 
Clark Besch
Ron Riley was MUST night time listening for me back in the day ... in 1964, he kept us up to date with all of the latest goings-on of The Beatles and all of the other British Invasion acts that first hooked me on music way back when ... he was entertaining as hell and just plain fun to listen to.
SO glad he sent us some stuff to share with our readers ... and I'm hoping he will continue to pop in from time to time as our 1967 series continues.  (kk)

You've probably got everything all planned out in advance, but here's the CHUM chart for the week of February 6th, 1967 ... which was also Canada's 100th birthday.
Are you kidding me???  Happy to run this one!  (So that makes this Canada's 150th Birthday!!!  Wow!)  kk

Really enjoyed seeing all your old photos from the "Chicago Blizzard of 1967" last week!" Big Downer for the People of Chicago! But a real Upper for the American Breed who, as you wrote, were discovered when the president of ACTA Records who was stuck in town, got out of the cold and warmed up in a local club where they were playing and he liked them so much, he signed them to his label! 
Interesting that while Chicago was covered with all that White Stuff for a couple of days, Dolores Erickson continued to be covered with all that other White Stuff for a couple of years at that same time!  
At least on the cover of Herb Alpert's iconic multi-year charting album, "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" that you featured a week ago. Only she, as you know, was covered in a combination of actual Whipped Cream and Shaving Cream! But could you tell which was which then?!

Yep! Whipped Cream on her head and on the tip of her index finger. Shaving Cream on the rest of her!  Because as she's said, "Shaving Cream doesn't taste very good!"  
Great line from her!  
~~~ Chuck Buell
I don't think you've been on the list long enough to know or appreciate the fact that the "Whipped Cream" album cover has been sort of a running joke here for at least a dozen years now ... I'll bet we've run this photo AT LEAST 200 times!!! 
Also of note is the fact that Dolores was pregnant at the time this shot was taken ... and, if you look REALLY closely, you'll see that a white sheet underneath helps to make up some of that illusion of being completely covered in "the white stuff" as you say.  (A VERY significant and influential album cover to say the least ... it inspired DOZENS of parodies along the way, too, most of which we've run at one point or another over the years ... do a FH website search and you'll be amazed at just how many times we've found an excuse to run this shot!)  
On a side note, I'm sure that more than a few folks on our list will admit that, as teenage boys, they found it necessary to store this album cover (and probably Nancy Sinatra's "Sugar Town" LP, too) in the bathroom rather than amongst the family's usual stash of albums!  (It always seemed to be a little bit stickier than the other LPs, too, for some strange reason.)  kk

Can you believe what the Smothers Brothers would do with this Trump business?  SNL just spent the entire show tearing him apart and it gets huge ratings just like the SmoBros did when they attacked Nixon and the war back 50 years ago.
Clark Besch
They would have had an absolute field day ... of course then Trump probably would have bought CBS and  kicked them off the air two years sooner than they were anyway!  (kk)

Hello Kent:
I've been enjoying your 1967 Summer of Love coverage. 
I was there in 1967 as a teenager in Hollywood and have just written a book about it that will be published in mid-April. 
I've also enclosed a new interview I did with Travis Pike that is not a part of the book, which I thought might be logical to run some of it on your site. Travis kept so many of his photos, reviews and articles from fifty years ago. He really offers some Boston-birthed unique reflections on the magical Summer of Love never reported. 
As an author and a music historian, I think it is important to bring forward other 1967 voices like Travis as a balancing act to the other more well known recording artists like Jerry Garcia, Paul Kantner, Carlos Santana, David Ruffin, Ray Manzarek, Justin Hayward, Andrew Loog Oldham, Keith Richards, the Seeds, Albert King, Marshall Chess, Johnny Cash, and so many interview subjects I've talked to over the last 40 years that inform my book. 
Harvey Kubernik
Thanks, Harvey ... can't wait to see the new book!  We'll pass along more details (and ordering information) to our readers as it becomes available.  (kk)
NOTE:  The wealth of information Harvey sent me is too long to run as part of this newsletter ... so it will be posted  separately in a day or two.  Watch for it to come later this week.  

Hi Kent:
On February 4th you mentioned the Monkees' entourage going to a Daily Flash concert.
One of my favorite singles from 1967 was "The French Girl" by The Daily Flash. The Seattle folk rock group released it in February of that year and it was a regional top 10 hit in the Northwest.
It was a cover of an album track released the year before by the married Canadian folk duo Ian And Sylvia.
The song is about a guy searching for a girl he had met above the border who is undoubtedly French Canadian. Music aficionado Richie Unterberger describes it as a baroque bittersweet epic love story. And he said it could have been a hit if it had been better promoted.
I had it in my personal collection and remember playing it a lot that year.  I never get tired of hearing it even now.
Bob Dylan and The Band recorded it later in 1967 as part of The Basement Tapes. Ian Tyson also wrote the much covered "Four Strong Winds' and Sylvia Fricker Tyson wrote the We Five's 1965 smash hit "You Were On My Mind".
Mike G

Just a quick note on Wednesday's Forgotten Hits ...
Loved the three second jingle you posted at the top of today's FH indicating the year 1967. A lot of stations through the years had those jingles indicating certain years. I just thought of something. As the year goes by, are you or have you thought of maybe posting radio and / or television commercials which were being run at the time? 
There are a few video surprises coming up over the next eleven months ... but you'll probably see more "print ads" that television commercials.  However, I'm open to just about anything 1967-related ... so if you have some (or some suggestions) go ahead and send 'em along!  Thanks, Larry.  (kk)

Just a quick reminder: tonight (Wednesday, February 8th) is the next edition of Randy on the Radio, 8:00 p.m. ET on Top Shelf Oldies (
In addition to my usual features (Mystery Oldie, '70s Double Play, rare stereo oldies), I'll be playing two songs that debuted this week in 1967 on the Super Charts Top 100. Also, my opening and closing instrumentals will be two other Super Charts entries from this week in 1967.
– Randy
Please be sure to mention our on-going 1967 Series, too, so new fans can discover what we're doing here.  Thanks, Randy!  (kk)

In the U.S., fans can celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Jimi Hendrix Experience with the annual Experience Hendrix Tribute Tour. Now in its second decade, the tour heads out on a 29 date tour in 2017 continuing to celebrate the music of Jimi Hendrix. Once again, the last living member of the Hendrix bands – bass player Billy Cox – will be the grand patriarch of the concerts. The tour brings together a diverse array of musicians, ranging from blues legend Buddy Guy to Black Label Society and former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde, as well as Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Dweezil Zappa, Keb’ Mo’, Doyle Bramhall II, Ana Popovic, The Slide Brothers, Mato Nanji from Indigenous, and Beth Hart will also be featured among many others. Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford and Los Lobos’ David Hildago and Cesar Rosas has once again been added to the lineup.   Once again Cox and former Stevie Ray Vaughan Double Trouble drummer Chris Layton anchor the rhythm section that provides the foundation for the shows.
Experience Hendrix Tour:
Feb 17 Portland, OR – Schnitzer Hall
Feb 18 Airway Heights, WA – Northern Quest Theater
Feb 19 Seattle, WA – Paramount Theater
Feb 20 Eugene, OR – Hult Center
Feb 22 Davis, CA – Mondavi Center
Feb 23 Santa Rosa, CA – Luther Burbank Center
Feb 24 Oakland, CA – Fox Theater
Feb 25 Reno, NV – Silver Legacy Casino
Feb 28 Mesa, AZ – Ikeda Theater
Mar 1 Los Angeles, CA – Wiltern
Mar 3 Indio, CA – Fantasy Springs Casino
Mar 4 Valley Center, CA – Harrahs Events Center
Mar 6 Salt Lake City, UT – Eccles Theatre
Mar 7 Denver, CO – Paramount Theater
Mar 9 Grand Prairie, TX – Verizon Theatre
Mar 10 Jackson, MS – Thalia Mara Hall
Mar 11 Houston, TX – Revention Music Center
Mar 12 San Antonio, TX – Majestic Theater
Mar 15 New Orleans, LA – Saenger Theater
Mar 16 Memphis, TN – Orpheum Theater
Mar 17 Tulsa, OK – Hard Rock Casino
Mar 18 St. Louis, MO – Peabody Opera House
Mar 19 Louisville, KY – The Palace Theater
Mar 21 Cincinnati, OH – Taft Theater
Mar 22 Indianapolis, IN – Murat Theatre
Mar 23 Detroit, MI – Fox Theatre
Mar 25 Chicago, IL – Chicago Theatre
Mar 26 Prior Lake, MN – Mystic Lake Casino
The Experience Hendrix Tour continues to expand as Jimi’s legacy grows. In 2004, the first tour came to fruition with a three-date string of shows on the west coast, starting in Hendrix’s hometown of Seattle. By 2008, the Experience Hendrix Tour had become a full-fledged, coast-to-coast expedition and continuing to date without showing any signs of slowing down. Audiences are presented the opportunity to see great artists paying homage to Hendrix while collaborating with each other in ways they’d never do in their own live shows.  
Multiple Grammy Award winner and Kennedy Center Honoree Buddy Guy, whose involvement in music pre-dates even that of Hendrix, shed light on his personal friend, “He was so creative, especially everything he did with the special effects. He took it all to this other place, and he could really play. He was one of a kind. Hendrix brings us together, everybody on this tour.”
Experience Hendrix Tour veteran Zakk Wylde, who named his own son “Hendrix,” spoke about being on the road with the other musicians. “When you listen to all the fellas and the gals that are out there on the tour, it isn’t just the great solos. They are great songs, you know. It’s not just about shredding. I’m totally honored to be part of it.”
Kenny Wayne Shepherd, who has closed every show he’s ever played since the age of 15 with the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s “Voodoo Child (Slight Return),” commented, “The music of Jimi Hendrix has always been a large influence on my life and music – in no small part due to his blues roots. He showed a lot of his influences and the foundation from which he built his music.” He went on to say, “Jimi Hendrix was one of the greatest performers, entertainers and songwriters of all time, but as far as the guitar goes, he made a statement with his instrument that has yet to be matched.”

I stumbled on this by accident today, and it seemed relevant:

 Jimi Hendrix, Sonny & Cher ... Twiggy!
If it seems like another world, it's because it was.
--Jeff Duntemann K7JPD
   Phoenix, Arizona
Some very cool shots in this photo montage ... check it out!  (kk)

Speaking of cool montages, long-time FH Reader (and MAJOR WLS / WCFL Radio fan) Clark Besch has put together a massive batch of 1967 memories for our readers.  Watch for it to post later this week in its own separate bonus issue.