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1967 Bonus #2

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Happy new year, Kent ...
Man, well done as always. 
This sure rattled my last few brain cells ... lol.  
Those were the great times in my life, and I really appreciate your hard work.
Be blessed my friend.
Barry (Winslow / The Royal Guardsmen)

Fun reading guys!  I'm plumbing my rusty 67 memory banks for some recollections.
Hold on!  
(Jim Peterik - The Ides Of March)

Seems like fun ... Looks really fun. 
Mark Volman / The Turtles

Super to see that we made the initial edition, Kent; thank you!  
And thanks for the vision you’ve had in starting, maintaining and always improving Forgotten Hits!  
Peace, bro’,     
Ray (Graffia, Jr. / The New Colony Six)

Love You So Much by NC6 was a top 5 Hit in Milwaukee too. As was I Confess a year earlier. 
You're going to find The New Colony Six all over our 1967 series ... a VERY big year for them here in Chicago!  (You may even see a few things you've never seen before!)  kk

Check out this link from ... 14 Covers of TV Guide That Prove 1967 was a classic year for television!  

This is Great! 1967 ... a super year to acknowledge! I'm liking it! 
A year before all Hell broke loose in '68 with the capture of the USS Pueblo and a crew member giving the finger in a North Korean propaganda photo in their attempt to "show" the world the Crew was OK; the two major assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy; the Viet Nam War's Tet Offensive; the Democratic National Convention in Chicago with political in-fighting inside and protester - police street fighting outside! (I still cringe when I think about the hit I took from one of the city's "unmarked" "Chicago's Finest" with his department-issued solid wood or steel baton!)
Oh, just let me get lost in the comparability more "peacefulness" of 1967! 
Chuck Buell  
1967 wasn't without incident.  Although we may romantically look back at it as "The Summer Of Love", we also experienced riots that literally ran from coast to coast as well as a HUGE increase in war protests.
It gave us colorful characters like Carl Yastrzemski, Joe Namath, Evel Knievel, Sgt. Pepper and Billie Joe McAllister.
Locally, Chicago experienced a record snow fall, a series of tornadoes that ripped apart Oak Lawn, a fire that destroyed McCormick Place and the closing of Riverview Park.
The Beatles redefined the album ... and Jimi Hendrix toured with The Monkees!  The Smothers Brothers challenged the television censors while real life accounts like Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" captivated readers and "Bonnie And Clyde" packed movie houses.
It was an INCREDIBLE year from start to finish ... and it'll all unfold DAILY on The Forgotten Hits Website. 
Don't miss a single chapter!  (kk) 

>>>The Monkees' second LP, "More Of The Monkees", was still a few weeks away from release at this point ... but you're right, "She" (the lead-off track) was the most-requested songs for WEEKS on both Art Roberts' 10:00 countdown AND Jim Stagg's afternoon most-requested show over at WCFL, too.  (kk)  
Actually, WLS was playing the tracks "She" and "Mary Mary" just before Christmas despite the fact that these had not yet been released, which is partly why it WAS the #1 requested song on the Top 3 at 10.  Both titles reached my personal charts on 12/24/66 to prove the point!  Two early tracks from the second album, scooped by WLS. 
Looking at the WLS chart for this week 50 years ago, I can say this HAD to be my most active time for recording off radio.  I think I likely have 30 of the 40 songs recorded off WLS from that time.  If I had time, I'd load all on computer and make a montage, but no time to do that.  Great time in my life.
Wow, I didn't realize they were on these so early!  I DO remember WCFL playing "Valleri" and that one making #1 on Jim Stagg's afternoon favorites countdown for WEEKS ... and you couldn't actually BUY the record!  They had taped it off the television episode and played it to death ... and it was GREAT!  I can't believe Colgems didn't capitalize on that and rush release it as a single ... but by then they already had "Pleasant Valley Sunday" ready to go. (kk)

For more on the whole Monkees / Valleri thing, read our highly acclaimed, EXCELLENT piece on Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart ...
You brought back memories for me of listening to Art Roberts Top 3 Most Requested at 10 while living in North Carolina.
As a deejay in Florida, I recall we played "Mary Mary" off of a cartridge after "I'm A Believer" dropped out of our survey.
I think we were among the first to play the Rolling Stones' "Ruby Tuesday" after the program director told us never to play the A-side "Let's Spend The Night Together". When we first got it I remember playing "Ruby" over and over on the deejay booth inhouse monitor as a prerecorded program was being broadcast.
When I was in London with the US Navy I heard "Michelle" by the Overlanders on BBC Radio One. It seems it had been a #1 single there. The Beatles apparently preferred their 45s in Great Britain to be uptempo tunes. They even gave "Yesterday" to the crooner Matt Monro.
Speaking of "Mary Mary", are you at all familiar with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band album "East - West? It was released in August of 1966, a couple months before The Monkees' first album.
It contained a bluesy, soulful version of "Mary Mary" so different from the jangly pop version on "More Of The Monkees" released six months later.  The Mickey Dolenz version upset some of the blues fans who thought it was a  poor cover of the PBBB song but it was actually written by Mike Nesmith.
When I was on the other side of the pond in the US Navy, an Irish lady I met had a single of the PBBB's "Run Out Of Time", which was released in 1967 and was apparently a hit in Ireland. It sounds like it could have been the blueprint for the Blood, Sweat and Tears sound. I've read that Al Kooper was a member of the PBBB for a short while before forming B,S,&T so I've always thought that he must have just expanded on what Butterfield was doing at the time.
Mike G

A serious reworking to be sure!  But proof that Linda Ronstadt and The Stone Poneys weren't the only ones paying attention to Mike Nesmith's songwriting efforts.  (kk)

Kent ...
Looks like 1967 is going to be a good year.
I was looking at the first top 10 of the new year.
#5 - That's Life - Frank  Sinatra
#6 - Sugar Town - Nancy  Sinatra
When was the last time father and daughter placed back to back in the top 10?
Too bad Somethin' Stupid didn't come in at #7.
It was a hit later in the year.
I'm taking your Top 10 List with me today to Larry's Pub.
I will play these songs in Larry's Jukebox.
I'm also going to play "Somethin' Stupid," even though it didn't make the list.  I think it fits.
Frank B.

The 1967 postings have been great.  I am looking forward to working in highlights from this week in 1967 as an hourly feature on my Those Were The Days program Saturday nights this year. 
Thanks for this amazing opportunity and for your many hours of putting this all together.
Phil - WRCO

Hi Kent,
I do a weekly radio show over the Our Generation Radio Network (out of Columbia, South Carolina). The station caters to us baby boomers. It's wonderful. The network plays everything from 1953 to the mid-to-later 70s. 
This month marks four years that I have been doing my program "Making Noise With Mark Dawson" on Thursday night's at 9 pm eastern time. My format is basically whatever I want to do (but I mostly play 60's) ... they give me free reign.
However, this week I thought it would be fitting to feature the top 20 from the first week of the greatest year in music, 1967!  I'll also be featuring a few charted 'gems' from the first week of that year. I always like to save some surprises for my show. 
We always fun with the 'bits' that I do. I try to keep it real 'old school' style radio. 
There's also a chat room where people can login and talk (in real time) about what's going on with the music / show. Lots of people who REALLY know their music ... others who just want to hang out and chat about it. 
It's really simple to be part of the show. With your laptop, PC or mobile device, log into - you click on the "listen" tab, and the rest is pure bliss for your ears. :-) The "chat" tab is right there on the menu as well. 
I will definitely let my fans know about your daily series highlighting the 1967 year in pop music. I would be crazy not to!
Keep up the great work, my friend. Hope you'll tune in too! :-)
~It's all about life's little things~
Mark Dawson
Will do my best to tune in on Thursdays!  Might as well promote this great year in music together!!!  And who knows ... maybe one night I can come on your show and we can both play some of our '67 favorites!  Thanks, Mark.  (kk)
Hey Kent,
We certainly can and will get you as a guest on the show. It'll be fun to talk about 1967 music in general! :-)  
I don't have an ongoing 1967 theme. I randomly select "themes" on a week by week basis. It's just the way I've done it from the start. That said, I will certainly be featuring something else about 1967 in the coming weeks. And, I'll definitely do a special in June, when Sgt. Pepper was released.
So,yes, let's stay in touch. I'll be sharing your "1967 Series" with my listeners starting Thursday night. 
Fantastic. All the best.
See you VERY soon. 
Thank you
I was able to listen to the first hour of your show on Thursday Night ... thanks so much for the VERY nice plug!  It is much appreciated.
And I will see you on January 21st at The Star Plaza Theater in Merrillville, Indiana, when The Grass Roots, The Buckinghams and Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone present "A Salute To The '60's".  (In fact, each of these artists were kind enough to donate a pair of tickets to the show ... and we'll be giving them away next week on the 10th!)
Great seats are still available through the Star Plaza Box Office.  (kk)
By the way, that's a standing offer to any of the deejays on the list ... make up a set of your six favorites from 1967 and I'll do the same ... we'll do a short segment on your program playing back some of the greatest music from this incredible year, talk about the changing time in music and let your listeners know about the brand new series!  Phil Nee ... Dave The Rave ... others ... give me a call!  (kk)

Hi Kent:
I'm loving the '67 series already!
Garry Berman

Hola Kent,
Excellent start to 1967 Revisited ... when do you sleep ?
I’m having a little trouble with the fact that, assuming you are a Chicago Bulls fan, you selected the only year in the 60’s that the Boston Celtics didn’t win an NBA Championship (Hi Mark!)
I happened to be a proud owner of a 1967 Olds 442 and the assigned color by GM was ‘Saffron’, of course also identified as ‘Mellow Yellow’ ... perhaps a staid corporation's subliminally acknowledging the folk scene ha ha !
Thanks for all the work.

Thought you might find this to be of interest:
Yep, everybody's jumping on the 1967 bandwagon ... and why not ... it was a BANNER year for music, movies, tv and pop culture.
Now they've run THEIR calendar for the whole year in advance ... while we prefer to reveal it every single day, exactly as it unfolded fifty years ago.  (Yep, that's right ... we're going to milk this thing for everything it's worth!)
That being said, we noticed a few missteps in what they've posted ...
For example, The Rolling Stones did NOT defy Ed Sullivan's demand that they change the lyrics to the B-Side of their brand new single by singing the correct lyrics to "Let's Spend The Night Together" on The Ed Sullivan Show ... they caved ... and Mick Jagger famously rolled his eyes as he sang the substitute line "Let's spend some TIME together".  (You'll find the CORRECT clip on our website later this month.)
Also, they've listed the key Beatles singles of 1967 ... and left off "All You Need Is Love"!!!  How the heck do you do that?!?!?  This was probably THE KEY Summer of Love Anthem for this classic year (although "San Francisco" by Scott McKenzie is definitely in the running!)
You'll also find a number of date discrepancies that we did extensive research to verify.
Hey, it's great for a "quickie course" on 1967 ... but we hope you'll stick with us as we do our daily reveal!  (kk)

Hi Kent, 
I love the '67 Salute ... what a GREAT year for music! 
And yet your feature hasn't slowed down the diversity of Forgotten Hits. 
In fact, that's what makes it so interesting ... you never know what's next ... it is truly one surprise after another. 
Thanks Kent.
(By the way, any plans for sleep this year?)
Tim Kiley 
Check out this poster sent in by Fred Glickstein of The Flock, showing a concert held at The Arie Crown Theater at McCormick Place in December of 1966.  Man, what a line-up!!!  (And look at those prices!!!)
Literally, an all-day event of non-stop  music by some of the biggest names in rock ... and all for under FIVE BUCKS!!!
(The timing couldn't have been better ... six weeks later a massive fire gutted the place, closing McCormick Place for over four years.  You can read all about it in the days to come in our brand new 1967 Calendar!)